Core Crew


“If it bleeds, you can send it. “

Been involve at Coolum cave for a long time, going ard and looking at the next thing. His line “Bat out of Hell, 29” is now becoming a stout classic. His day job at Urban Climb give him plenty of time to dream about touching rock.

Master route setter projecting UFO when friction is on, July 2017


“With theses pieces I’m capturing a sense of liberty. I’m not worried about the outcome. There an existential in the experimentation, knowing it could all go wrong at any moment. If it does, I can always do another layer. “

The R logo his one of her creation and be ready for some art shenanigans. Officially the co director of Radest, she’s been their from day 1.

Design at hearth, our resident artist is also the co director of Radest Productions


“Have you seen my new knee pads ?”

The Mayor need no introductions but will accept coffee for bribe. He’s the local ambassador for the Sendfest 8. You can find him at SoMa SoMa Espresso in Gympie, make sure to stop when you go climbing in Brooyar.

Full Metal traverse, the mayor in action. September 2017


“How many points you wanna put for a first ascent again ? “

Since the original Sendfest, Jin been there. Crushing, scoring, belaying he can do. The man behind Fingercomp, you are all too familiar with his smooth sailing style. His cool cat attitude will ensure the event run like a well oil Chevy Motor.

Fingercomp master, keeping track of the Sendfest VII progress, Jan 2015


” What’s the difference between a large cheese pizza and a climbing guide?…… A large cheese pizza can feed a family of 4.”

Phil has been quite active in the climbing scene around S.E. Queensland and further afield. He likes pretty much any form of climbing and rope work. He has been actively training up and coming trad climbers in cliff safety etc. He will give most things a good go. He will be our go to guy for rope jiggery pokery for Sendfest 8. I am not sure exactly what he got in mind but I’m certain it involve a fair amount of gear. Theses days he do the occasional roofing job, outdoor recreation and industrial rope access. You are in safe hands with this wise man.

Putting some anchor for the flying fox of Climbing on Sunshine, July 2014


” We gonna have to rethink this mate.”

Graham will be part of the rigging team. He left his mark at Brooyar with numerous first ascents and contribution to the crag development. His day job: rope access technician. With a master of all trade attitude we should see some interesting rigging in da cave.

Thinkering in da shed, Victoria Point, 2016


” The passion I got for the cave just keep on growing, The more you come, the more you wanna come back. Here, there is unfinished business for a lifetime.”

Local legend, Matt climb every week in da cave. He recently send his hardest line with Kneebar too Far, 29. His occupation as a filmmaker/ graphic artist combined with his peaceful approach to life make him an ideal Sendfest ambassador. He is one of the admin of the Coolum Cave facebook page and also run the Insta account. Make sure to #CoolumCave & #CoolumSendfest during the event.

Projecting Bat Out of Hell, 29.


” Keep on going you’re doing just fine.”

The ACAQ crag rep, Ian is always around to listen and give pointers if needed. You might not notice at first when he is quietly on the ground but once he get on the wall he unleash the dragons. You most likely see him doing a few laps on 3 Mens or some other classic. On his free time, he might get dirty fixing his motorbikes.

Premiere of New School in da Cave, Urban Climb, June 2017


” For me, climbing routes are a passing fancy, so my favourite route is the one that inspires me to have the most fun. “

The main man behind the curtain, Lewis can do it all: post productions, live-streaming, cameraman and producer. His climbing movie : Climbing on Sunshine, just got rerelease on Youtube, make sure to check it out. He is currently studying full time Media & productions. With theses skills behind the desk, the sky is the limit.

Urban Climb, Fingercomp Lead Nationals livestream 2015


” I like using my 50 mm prime, especially at f1.4.”

Currently working at Urban Xtreme, Victor got a passion for photography. You probably notice his work during the coverage of many climbing event in Queensland. He will act as the official photographer for the Sendfest 8. Looking forward to see what he will capture.

Urban X 2019 State Lead


“I love coffee and climbing.”

Amanda is living by her word, she usually running the McFly café, make sure to give her a visit. She act as an ambassador for the event and will try to promote what the Sendfest spirit is all about: fun & friends. She’s been on the scene since she moved from the Bluies, working at Urban Climb for a few years. Pretty active on social media, give her a follow on Insta.

Cruising Screaming Insanity, 2017


” Broken ice still melt in the sun”

The founder of the event. It all started when he turn 35 in July 2008. Passionate and Rad to the hearth, he moved to Australia after getting married to Angie. His first climb in da cave was in 1998, he never really left. In fact, he now live at the base of the mountain. Radest Productions is now his main way to express his creative side. His real job: rope access safety supervisor in the mining / energy industry.

Multi tasking during the Sendfest III, July 2010