Coolum Sendfest VII


Pic: Sebastian ( aka the Big Man)  on the Esoteric Agenda project.

The Coolum Sendfest is now a friendly traditon where everyone try togheter to send “Da Cave”.
The energy of the community during the event tend to lift you up, as you climb and try Ard.
Your are welcome to come up just watch the show, bring some snack or just have a chat with your mates

Be ready for the Send train.

Just show up, no ticket needed.


The opening day was a success with a core crew of happy campers doing what they do best: trying Ard!

Here is Matt Dunning hanging around on Like a Bat out of Hell, 29.


It’s time to get serious! Everyone was keen to keep the rampage going and the week end started with some good old rock crushing. The Coolum café was busy and the crew was divers;  the old guard and the young guns both pushing for glory.

Here is Duncan Steel having his dose of Spoonman, 28 with a big crew busy busy getting psych.


Every good thing must come to an end. The condition were prime with a South East wind picking up. Many climb went down and everyone left satisfied.

Here is Kimberly trying Ard on Screaming Insanity in true Sendfest spirit.


Full gallery of the event will soon be available

See you there soon

pic: JJ O’Brien on Full Metal Traverse, 27.