OZ Crag Signature series

OZ Crag Signature series

We are working on a signature series featuring all the best crag in the country.

Already a few Athlete are creating something special that will represent when you hang around at the crag or just on your way to train at your favourite gym.

The Crag will be:

Blue Mountains


Grampians Bouldering

Grampians sport climbing


Frog Butress

Coolum Cave

Passchendales Bouldering

Pic: Daniel Gordon might or might not be designing Da Coolum Cave shirt.

Each shirt are design by an active climber in the sector. You can guess who it is for now ? We don’t want to reveal too much at this point. We are working hard on  theses concepts and we will keep you posted on the progress so you can order one as soon as possible.

Thanks for all your Rad support.